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If you’ve ever locked your keys inside the car, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s one of the leading reasons people call a locksmith in an emergency. Unfortunately, many people don’t think about what would happen if they locked their keys inside their home for any amount of time. Even worse, many people don’t think about what would happen to them if they locked their keys inside the house in the first place.

As horrible as it sounds, a burglary is one of the most likely reasons that an emergency locksmith is needed. Most burglars target homes that are well-secured. In fact, according to statistics, one out of every seven residential break-ins occurs at a residence that is protected by a home alarm system. However, one out of every eight residential burglaries occurs in homes that do not have an alarm system installed. This means that the risk of being locked out of a residence or office is much greater than having an alarm system installed.

This doesn’t mean, however, that an emergency locksmith has to be a locksmith that only helps people get into their homes or offices if there’s a valid reason. In many cases, people can be locked out of their house simply because they forgot their keys aren’t really that safe to begin with. Sometimes, people will leave their keys under the doormat or anywhere near their front door but will forget about them when they come back for lunch or for the evening.

It’s also quite common for an emergency locksmith to be called in after someone breaks into a residence. This happens more than you might think, actually. A burglar might target a house that’s a bit on the dangerous side, leaving indications of what they got out of the residence such as signs of forced entry or damage to windows and doors. However, not all houses are targeted the same. Some homes will have a security system that can foil most burglaries, but some homes might not. In these cases, a locksmith can help to unlock the door.

A similar situation can occur when keys are stolen from a car. If someone can steal a car and drive away with the keys without anyone noticing, it takes time for them to leave with the stolen goods, which may leave evidence of the theft if it’s discovered afterwards. In order for this to happen, the thief needs to get into the house before a locksmith service can show up to replace the keys and make any changes to the lock. Without the correct keys, it can take some time for the authorities to arrive.

Emergency Locksmith services are usually called in by neighbors when they discover that a house or building has been broken into. It might be too late by then, and a burglar might already have made some modifications or escape. This is why locksmiths are called so often: because they can be there faster than the police, so they can ensure that people inside can get out safely. Sometimes, it might not be possible to make any structural changes to a lock, and calling an emergency locksmith service is the only option at times like these.

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