Road Service and Breakdown Coverage – Are You Covered?

Road service and breakdown coverage are special services offered by most car rental companies that help commuters, or other drivers, whose cars have suffered an unfortunate mechanical failure leaving the driver stranded at the roadside. Road service or breakdown coverage can often be paid for entirely by the driver, in which case the coverage will usually come along with your rental contract or lease agreement.

If your rental company doesn’t offer this coverage, they may require you to pay a deductible of some kind before they will pay for vehicle damage coverage. These deductibles are typically based on how much it will cost for repairs to your vehicle after it has been towed to a roadside rest area. For example, if it’s a major repair that will cost thousands of dollars, you may have to pay several thousand for this deductible before your insurance company will pay for the repairs.

The insurance company will also charge you for the services provided to you by the roadside assistance company you hired. These are generally the same services that are offered by your regular auto insurance company. However, you may not be able to receive emergency roadside assistance services from the rental company or auto insurance company. Most will require you to use the services of a separate roadside assistance company, but there are exceptions to this rule.

Many roadside assistance companies offer this coverage, but only a few offer it all together. Most will include services like tow trucks, which will allow you to be towed to the nearest rest area for repair without having to hire a separate company.

Sometimes, you may not be able to use these roadside assistance services provided by your rental company. This is typically because the company is not licensed or insured. It is important to check with your local Department of Transportation (DOT) to make sure that the company you plan to use is properly insured and authorized to operate in your state.

There is one way that you can get this type of service from your rental company. Most of them offer roadside assistance services for specific situations where you need the help. They may also provide you with other types of roadside assistance services, if you ask for them. You can usually get a list of these services and rates for them online and even request a free quote so that you can compare what you’ll be charged between providers.

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