Back Physical Therapy

Getting back to work after an injury is often hard enough without having to worry about your back. Unfortunately, life does not have to completely halt due to back pain, as there are several options to help alleviate the pain and help you get back on your feet. Board-certified back physical therapists are trained in offering various Back Physical Therapy options for back pain that include:

Overuse or repetitive stress (sometimes referred to as overuse syndrome) is one of the leading causes of lower back pain, and the most commonly treated form of back injury. In this case, the body has become so used to its daily movements that it is no longer capable of protecting itself from the constant stress it is subjected to. This can be done by avoiding situations that are known to cause excessive stress on the back. This can be done by doing exercises that are designed specifically for the prevention of overuse injury.

Spinal problems, especially herniated disc injuries, can be very severe and require immediate treatment. While there are many different medical treatments for herniated disc issues, a chiropractic spine specialist can provide one-on-one attention to help relieve any pain or discomfort that may arise from the problem. It is also recommended that patients consult with a doctor before they undergo any type of spine treatment, as some medical treatments can cause damage to nerves and other structures that need careful care to avoid long-term complications.

In addition to receiving spine treatment, many people experience numbness or tingling in their hands or legs. While many people think that this is a sign that their muscles are still hurting, it is actually a sign that there is something causing the symptoms, such as nerve damage, disc pressure, or a pinched nerve in the upper extremities. Nerve damage can also be caused due to a problem with the spine. This type of injury usually happens when an artery, a nerve, or a muscle becomes irritated or infected, and results in an extreme, stabbing, burning sensation. This feeling usually begins near the top of the arm or leg and travels down the leg.

To ease the pain and minimize the swelling caused by nerve damage, a chiropractic spine specialist can prescribe a variety of medications. These medications will help relieve the pressure on the spine. And allow your muscles to heal faster, which is the best way to avoid further injury or permanent damage. The medications will be given under the supervision of a chiropractor, who will evaluate your situation and recommend the proper course of action.

Back injuries can often be treated with exercise. This type of exercise can range from simple stretches of the back to full-body workouts, or even just small moves through the house, such as running or doing yoga. A good idea is to get a professional opinion on how much exercise is necessary for your situation, and find out what exercises you should include and how often to do them to help reduce the impact on your back.

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